History and Goals of KEU

The Kabul Education University  is a valuable countrywide institution of teacher training. This university has been established with the goal to train teachers and lecturers for Education Institutes, teacher training institutes and secondary schools. This university attempts to rise as a credible academic institution, responsive to the needs of people and free from any kind of discrimination, prejudice and violence.

To achieve the mentioned goals, the Kabul Education University  has created a quality assurance and accreditation board; to do a comprehensive assessment of the university to find out the strengths and take measures for eliminating the weak points of the university so that this university receive a higher credibility and academic validity in accordance with the accepted international standards and stand out as a prestigious university in the ranking of world’s prestigious universities.


Kabul Education University is one of the most prior academic institutions of teacher training in the country. For the first time, it was established in 1964 under the name of “Teacher Training Academy” to train professional teachers. The institute used to offer associate’s degree. The Teacher Training Academy changed to the Institute of Pedagogy in 1982, this institute continued to progress with three faculties, Language and Literature, Natural Science and Social Science. These faculties had the main role in teachers’ training.

In  1987 the institute of Physical Education and Roshan Teacher Training (Roshan In-service Faculty) institute joined this institution. Along Bachelor degree, the Pedagogy Institute of Kabul started postgraduate program as well (1984 - 1989). Based on an agreement between Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Education, all the pedagogy institutes in the capital and provinces joined the Ministry of Higher Education.

When the Interim Government started working in 2002, The Kabul Pedagogy Institute shifted to the building of Social Science Institute in Afshar, Kabul. As result of endeavors made by the leadership and the professors of the Institute in Jawza, 2002, the Pedagogy Institute of Kabul elevated to the Education University of Kabul and later in 2012, its name was changed to the “Education University of Shaheed Professor Rabani”

Education University from Physical and Academic Perspective

Physically, Education University is located in a very limited area. While having more than 8000 students, it neither has appropriate place for strolling nor enough classrooms. We hope the problem of classrooms somewhat get solved with the new 100 room building.

From academic standpoint, the Education University has a fair progress and now it has 9 faculties (Language and Literature, Natural Science, Social Science, Education, Physical Education, Special Education, Islamic Studies, Psychology, Computer Science) All these faculties have 31 departments.

The First postgraduate program in the field of Education affiliated with Massachusetts University was established in 2008 with financial support of HEP (Higher Education Project) at Education University. This postgraduate program has presented many lecturers of public universities and teacher training centers with MA degree to the community. Later, the second Postgraduate program in TESOL (Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages) commenced in 2012 with financial support of US embassy, affiliation with the Indiana University of the United States. This Postgraduate program offered one period of graduands to the society.

In Feb, 2015 an agreement between Ministry of Higher Education and USWDP was signed to commence a postgraduate program in the field of Educational Management and Leadership. This is the third quality postgraduate program in the university. For better development of this program an affiliation agreement is signed between Kabul Education University and Massachusetts University of the United States on Feb 9,2015.


Education University of Shaheed Professor Rabani wish to offer qualified leaders and seeking scholars in the field of teaching, research and management skills, decorated with pedagogic capabilities, commitment and honesty, to ensure the quality and stable improvement at all levels and sectors of education, regardless of language, tribe, gender and religion.


The vision of Shaheed Rabani’s Education University is to reach the following goals:

  1. Equipment of the students with required experiences of education through the following ways:
    1. Introducing and applying modern curriculum, according to the need of time, in all educational aspects of the university.
    2. Providing the students with lectures and sources.
    3.  Appointing faculties in each department for guiding the students.
    4.  Provision of equipped labs for students.
  2.  Betterment of education quality through the following ways:
    1.  Elevating professors academic level to Master and doctoral degree.
    2. Equipping the faculties with the contemporary pedagogic methodologies.
    3. Participation of faculties in workshops, Seminars, and courses for upgrading their knowledge.
  3. Regularly applying technology in learning process.
  4.  Arrangement of structural infrastructures for universities, including buildings with modern classrooms, labs and other facilities.
  5. Creating a credible research center.
  6.  Provision of short-term scholarships and fellowships for faculties to upgrade their knowledge.
  7. Recruiting talented and deserved faculties from new generation and providing them educational opportunities so that they can study to master’s and doctoral level abroad the country.
  8.  Establishment and equipment of labs
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