About Kabul Educational University

History of Kabul Education University

Originally, it was the Teachers Training Centre, established in 1292 by Ameer Habeebullah Khan where teachers were professionally trained in teaching skills. Then, it was changed to Darul Malimeen. A faculty was created by the name of Roshan whose job was to train all those teachers for three months who had completed 3 years of teaching in schools both in the Capital and Provinces. In 1343, it became Teacher Training Academy, which gave Bachelors and Masters Degrees to the teachers completing their courses with the fellowship of UNESCO. In 1363, it developed into Kabul Institute of Pedagogy.
At that time, the Institute had 4 Faculties: Faculty of Language & Literature, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Roshan. The majority of Roshan's students were also teachers who were teaching in schools in addition to getting a Bachelors Degree by completing their courses. Meanwhile in 1363, the Faculty of Physical Education also became a part of Pedagogy Institute, raising the number of Faculties to 5. It is worth mentioning that until 1370, this Institute gave Masters Degrees in subjects of Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry with the help of Afghan Teachers along with the Russian Instructors from the USSR of that time.
Kabul Institute of Pedagogy managed itself to be there from 1363 to 1372 under Ministry of Education, when its command was given to the Ministry of Higher Education by the Head of Government at that time. Due to the arising needs of professional and skilled teachers, it was changed into Kabul Education University in 1381(2003) which now has 6 Faculties and 28 Departments. The 14 Faculties present in all other universities of Afghanistan are directly controlled by Kabul Education University for providing them with Lecture Notes, Books, Arrangement of Workshops, and Seminars for the development of their professional skills.
All 6 Faculties train the students and the Teachers teaching in schools (known as In Service Students) for 4 years (8 Semesters). Besides basic subjects, topics like Teaching Methods, Skills, General Psychology, Teaching Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and other such training is given.  These programs make sure that teachers and students leaving the University are fully prepared and best suited for the environment of Society and can solve the problems of their own students in educational institutions.  Students get admission to the Faculties of Kabul Education University via General University Admission Exam (Kankoor). The students choose their fields in the first semester. After completing and successfully defending the Monographs, the students leaving University are taken as Professional Teachers in the school.


A fascinating Auditorium stands beside the University building where Cultural , Political, Literatrical meetings and Annual Conferences are held . Along with these, there are also International Festivals, Educational, Technical and Entertaining workshops and movies for the entertainment of Students and Teachers. According to National Ceremonies, different shows and exhibitions are held where anybody can attend them.



A sports Complex exists in the university where different sport festivals are arranged on specified days according to Afghan Culture and Calendar. Girls besides Boys participate with full keen in the games and sports. This gymnasium bears central status for the all indoor games and sports held all over Afghanistan. Several matches are conducted here by organizing committees such as Olympics Sports, Red Crescent, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and also the Final Matches on the national level. Matches are also conducted for the selection of national players in different sports among which Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, and Basketball can be mentioned.


The existence and importance of an up to date and well equipped library can not be denied in an educational environment. Keeping in view the same circumstances, the University has established a well equipped library with more than 12000 Books to fulfill the educational thirst of Students. A wide range of books are provided relating to the hot topics of today like Cultural Comparison, Human Rights, Law, Social Recognition, Psychology, Politics and Philosophy, Economics , History, Islamic Culture, Literature, Geography, Physical Education, Arts, Computer Science, Languages, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Arithmetics, Physics and many others. Meanwhile, a 3 month magazine is also published by University.  The “PAYAM E MAREFAT” in which research articles written by the University Teachers are present are widely popular and read by the students with joice and keenness.